MOMPS is committed to providing the most efficient and cost-effective solutions possible in order to meet existing, new and upcoming requirements and regulations in the U.S. and globally.

Our goal is to meet or even exceed these requirements realistically, and in an operational environment that is focused on your organizations’ security needs. MOMPS provides a wide range of security services - exercises, inspections, analytical work, tools, technologies and many other innovative services – that are not currently offered in the maritime security arena.

Our approach provides real-time solutions with boots that are always on the ground and ready to act. We are every day, working global MARITIME experts who will protect your company, your vessels, your crew and your reputation. Industry needs an ally to help navigate the unchartered waters of today's security environment. MOMPS is that ally.

Our staff of subject matter experts and officers are invited to speak and take part in providing solutions on a regular basis internationally to both the industry and governments on how best to identify unforeseen gaps and breakdowns in securing infrastructure, ports, sanctuaries, communities. Most importantly our staff plays a role in how to best resolve these same gaps in realistic and manageable ways.

We have offices in over 20 locations directly servicing over 100 U.S. ports with remote offices and staff that work globally on assignments and projects anywhere in the world. We are the only organization dedicated exclusively to maritime and capable of providing security in all 361 U.S. ports and around the world.